Mont-Tremblant is a not only the greatest ski destination in eastern Canada, it is recognized as a world-class, year-round resort. Just 10 minutes from Village des Soleils condominiums, Mont-Tremblant has something for everyone, 12 months of the year.

And if you’re looking for a nice family mountain at reasonable prices, why not try Mont Blanc, It is the second highest mountain in the Laurentians, and only 10 minutes away as well!

The Village

The Intrawest Ski Village, at the base of Mont-Tremblant mountain, is located only ten minutes away from Condoasis.  Take the free Cabriolet from the parking lot to the bottom of the ski hill or take the free gondola to the Casino.  A very picturesque place to visit, shop, or sit on a patio to relax with some food and drink. Live entertainment and family activities run all year round.  Hike the mountain, or take the Gondola all the way to the top for breathtaking views of the Laurentians.

The Spa

If you are looking to seek a connection between the mind, body and soul the Mont-Tremblant region is renowned for its luxury spas.

Here are a few of the best:

  • Le Scandinave Spa, offers the rejuvenating experience both of you are looking for. Nestled on the shores of the Diable River and five short minutes from Village des Soleils.
  • Spa Mont Blanc is right at the base of the hill, offering spa treatments, massages, and/or apres-ski pool and hot tub. Only ten minutes from Village des Soleils.
  • Spa-sur-le-lac, on the edge of majestic Lac Tremblant. Select from massage, hydrotherapy, beauty treatments or specialized body treatments. Again, only ten minutes from Village des Soleils.

The Restaurants

  • Casino de Mont-Tremblant 300 chemin des Pléiades 819-429-4150
  • Le Shack Sports Bar Place Saint-Bernard  819-681-4700
  • La Forge Bar & Gril Place Saint-Bernard  819-681-4900
  • Bullseye Bar & Grill Place Saint-Bernard    819-681-2855
  • Le Cheval de Jade 688 rue Saint-Jovite  819-425-5233
  • Pizza & cie 814-1 rue Saint-Jovite    819-425-8233
  • La verre bouteille 888 rue Saint-Jovite    819-425-8776
  • Antipasto Italian Cuisine 855 rue Saint-Jovite  819-425-7580
  • C’est La Vie 708 rue Saint-Jovite  819-681-0779
  • Restaurant La Ripaille 839 rue Saint-Jovite  819-425-5785
  • Le Vieux Four Italian Cuisine 973 rue Saint-Jovite  819-425-5992
  • La Petite Cachée 2681 ch du Village  819-425-2654
  • Cayenne Grill 1963 ch du Village  819-429-6868
  • Restorante Ital Delli 1918 ch du Village  819-425-3040
  • Milly’s Restaurant & Bar 1926 ch du Village  819-681-0550
  • Nelly O’Connor’s Irish Pub 1900 ch du Village  819-425-3232
  • Ristorante Nino & Kay 2151 ch du Village  819-425-3380
  • Le Saint-Louis Restaurant 1874 ch du Village  819-425-3505
  • Auberge Sauvignon 2723 ch du Village  819-425-5466
  • Crêperie Catherine Vieux Tremblant  819-681-4888
  • Spag & Co, Pasta, Bar & Grill 161 Curé Deslauriers  819-681-4444
  • Pizzateria 118 ch Kandahar  819-681-4522
  • O-Wok Thai & Chinese 111 ch Kandahar  819-681-4455
  • Les Artistes Immeuble Deslauriers  819-681-4606
  • Moe’s Bar & Grill 340 Route 117  819-425-9821
  • Sushi Taxi Tremblant 415 rue Léonard  819-425-6900



One month: The Great Canadian Escape »
Spend your vacation in Canada. Any calendar month, in Summer or in Winter.

Six months: The Full Season »
Reserve your Summer season (May through October) or Winter season (November through April). Our Summer season in Mont-Tremblant covers Spring, Summer and Fall and features golf and many other summer activities. The Winter season covers late Fall, Winter and early Spring, featuring both downhill and cross-country skiing and many other pastimes. Keep a condo all to yourself for the season, spend weekends, commute from where you live, or spend all your time there.

Three months: The Sports Special »
Any three consecutive calendar months when you can golf or ski to your heart's content! Stay at the condo for the duration if you're "from away", or commute if you live closer.

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Get away from it all, for a full 5-day work week, with Sunday check-in and Friday check-out.