About us

Our Company
CondOasis Tremblant Inc. manages the renting out of privately owned condominiums at Villages des Soliels, in Mont Tremblant. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, we pride ourselves in the trust the owners have placed in our ability to offer exceptional accommodation at reasonable rates.
The company is registered federally and in Quebec and collects the federal GST and Quebec QST taxes on rental revenues. We operate out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Our People

Owners of the company are Ferdy Doreleyers (President and CEO), Marion Russell-Doreleyers (Vice President) and Richard Fitzgerald (Director). Our expert hotelier consultant is Mr. Fred Sohnemann.

Ferdy Doreleyes retired in 1998 after a successful 25-year career in the Federal Public Service and has been a management consultant since that time. He has managed and sold his own rental properties and those of others, as well as acted as a consultant for one of Ottawa’s major property management firms.

During his government career, Mr. Doreleyers managed property assets worth $6B has been responsible for the development and management of a leasehold data base for one of the largest Federal custodians. As a consultant for many years since retirement, Ferdy has been involved in many aspects of property management, including developing accommodation plans and long term capital plans.

Ms. Marion Russell-Doreleyers has been a Physiotherapist for more than 30 years. She has previous managerial experience and a knack for being able to establish excellent personal relationships based on trust and integrity. She continues her successful career, while performing an important role in this venture. Ferdy and Marion live in Ottawa.

Mr. Richard Fitzgerald recently retired as the Chairman of Diagio Canada Inc., after 24 years of valuable service. He has extensive business experience in a wide range of fields, sits on a number of Boards and has been active in community and charitable initiatives over the years. He currently lives in Toronto.

Mr. Fred Sohnemann has impeccable credentials as a hotelier and resort manager, with has global experience in the food and beverage industry. He has operated properties in Germany, Switzerland, The Bahamas and Canada, and has participated in all aspects of hotel property management and operations, with anywhere from 200 to 600 rooms. His resumé includes professional hotel management, with properties including the Chateau Champlain and Holiday Inn in Montreal. Mr. Sohnemann currently resides in Montreal.



One month: The Great Canadian Escape »
Spend your vacation in Canada. Any calendar month, in Summer or in Winter.

Six months: The Full Season »
Reserve your Summer season (May through October) or Winter season (November through April). Our Summer season in Mont-Tremblant covers Spring, Summer and Fall and features golf and many other summer activities. The Winter season covers late Fall, Winter and early Spring, featuring both downhill and cross-country skiing and many other pastimes. Keep a condo all to yourself for the season, spend weekends, commute from where you live, or spend all your time there.

Three months: The Sports Special »
Any three consecutive calendar months when you can golf or ski to your heart's content! Stay at the condo for the duration if you're "from away", or commute if you live closer.

Work Week: The Sanity Break »
Get away from it all, for a full 5-day work week, with Sunday check-in and Friday check-out.